Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed why he left Manchester United

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed why he left Manchester United

Some claim that it is a miracle of nature, some that he found the elixir of youth, and it seems to us that Zlatan Ibrahimović is like wine - the older, the better. That is why Zlatan is unique. Not only because of the typical Balkan mentality, nor because he likes to talk about himself as a football deity, but because he persistently proves on the field why he is among the best goal scorers of the third millennium and how time cannot do anything to him.

On the threshold of 40, Zlatan has ten goals from nine games near his name. He is the top scorer in Serie A and is currently leading Milan to a sensational title. In a long conversation for Italian Sky with the host Massimo Ambrosini, Zlatan, among other things, claims that he found part of the inspiration for top roles in the Milan jersey by watching the documentary series "The Last Dance", dedicated to the inimitable Michael Jordan.

"I'm not Michael Jordan, but we have the same passion for victory. I watched the documentary and I really like it, mostly because I find myself in some words. For example: ‘It’s hard to play with him because he’s very aggressive’.

It is true that I put a lot of pressure on my teammates. I just don't like to walk around and share kisses." "Such a mentality gave Michael Jordan the right to be what he became, he is a school example of a winning mentality.

So it is with me. I won what I managed, but I'm still here. Few can understand that pressure, but I understand it in the following way - either you will eat everything, or they will eat you. I chose to be a hunter ", Zlatan began.

He also revealed the secret why Milan is playing so well at the beginning of the 2020/21 competition. "We have a coach who asks us to play in a certain way and he found a way to get the best out of me to help the team.

The boys are very hungry for success. They have dreams and goals, but we are not rushing anywhere, we are going slowly." " I still have many goals that I want to achieve, and one of them is for Milan to do much more than last season.

I know we are not Juventus or Inter, but I believe we can reach the Champions League. "

LA Galaxy

Zlatan also talked about why he decided to leave Manchester United and move to MLS, where he defended the colors of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

"I wanted to start over. I told Mourinho not to call me anymore because I was aware that Ibra was not the same as the one before after recovering from the injury. I was realistic about myself, not an egomaniac. So I went to the US.

I didn't know what to expect, but after two years of playing there, I felt alive again." "So I decided to go back to Europe. Again, I had that clear vision of my game, self-confidence, but in the end, it all depends on what you show on the field.

I don't care what people think, because I am not influenced by those stories from the outside, I have confidence in myself. That's why I often say that success is a matter of ego. "