Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane Discuss Manchester United's Issues


Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane Discuss Manchester United's Issues
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Rio Ferdinand was angry after another Manchester derby. City won 3:0 at Old Trafford, and United fans were disappointed with the performance of their players. Ferdinand, the legend of the club, believes that Manchester United's wing players must do more and send balls to Rasmus Hojlund, who would know how to turn them into a goal.

Although his statements happened before the Manchester derby, it seems that Ferdinand predicted what would happen in this match as well. ‘I think we need to get to a place where we’re actually playing to our players’ strengths.

You look at Hojlund, he wants the ball crossed. You saw the header he scored in the Champions League, you see the way he attacks crosses. Get the ball wide and cross it! Antony keeps chopping back on his left foot, doesn’t cross it.

Marcus doesn’t really cross from that [left] side. Get past your full-back, or get a yard, and put the ball in the box! And he’ll attack it.’- Ferdinand said.

Roy Keane on Manchester United's defeat

Another legend of this club, Roy Keane, commented on United's defeat in the big derby.

Keane emphasized that it was clear what the difference was between these two teams. ‘Yeah, of course. Different levels, the pace they play at, they control the ball. City weren’t even at their best.'
Keane thinks United's performance looked embarrassing.

The legend of this club believes that United is far from a tactically and technically strong team. ‘You saw it in the cup final at the end of last season, they’re just toying with United now. It’s different levels.

It’s almost… I wouldn’t say embarrassing, I do feel for the United players but listen, they are short in every aspect of it technically, tactically. And worrying for me, physically, United look so off it, credit to Man City they’re an outstanding team. United… where do you start and where do you finish? Long way back for this team.’

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