Tim Sherwood angry with the performances of a Manchester United footballer


Tim Sherwood angry with the performances of a Manchester United footballer
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Tim Sherwood is angry with Erik ten Hag and his decisions. One of the players that particularly annoys him is Raphael Varane. Sherwood believes that the Frenchman is rarely fit, and even when he is, he doesn't play great. He wants Erik ten Hag to understand certain things, and give a chance to players who do not have the epithet of stars.

‘One player that really annoys me is Raphael Varane. ‘I think he is getting away with it.' He is never fit and when he is fit he’s bang average. We all know he’s had a great career but at the same time everyone is happy to jump on the back of Harry Maguire whilst Varane just gets away with it.

The ones who play more football are simply more durable and they can play week in week out, Varane seems to play once and then be injured again for two weeks. He seems to be picking his games, but when he plays he’s not that brilliant anyway.

Ten Hag is not judging players equally and he’s just chucking people onto the pitch and hoping one of the superstars wins him the match. As soon as one of the superstars is fit he takes the likes of Hannibal and McTominay out of the team, and they end up losing football matches.’- Sherwood said.

Tim Sherwood

Sherwood emphasized that the blame is always placed on the Glazers, even though the team manager makes huge mistakes. Having Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes on your roster is a great thing. Sherwood emphasizes that the Dutch expert does not use such players enough and that he has not improved them.

‘When people talk about the Glazers being the problem at Manchester United it’s almost like a get out of jail free card. It doesn’t matter about the owners or the chief executive. What matters is that their set of players got outplayed by a team towards the bottom of the league, and that has happened multiple times this season.

That is down to the manager. You’re always going to win games when you have the likes of Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford at your disposal. But the manager’s job is to improve players and he’s not improving anyone.

You only have to look at Rashford’s recent England performance compared to his club form to see that.’

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