Could Jack Grealish become a player like Eden Hazard?

Grealish is in the best shape so far and if he continues to play like this, Aston Villa will make a lot of money

by Sead Dedovic
Could Jack Grealish become a player like Eden Hazard?

Eden Hazard is going through probably the worst days of his career since he left Chelsea and moved to Real Madrid, while Jack Grealish plays the football of his career as the captain of Aston Villa. Many football critics compare him to the former leader of the London club.

The new member of the England national team attracts the attention of the britain public at every step. He excelled in his debut appearances for Gordy Albion with Gareth Southgate, and Aston Villa can even dream of placing at the top of the table with him at the end of the season After the goal in the defeat by West Ham, some analysts talked about the fact that this season only Harry Kane (16 in total) and Heung Min Son (11) participated in more goals than Grealish who reached the fifth goal on Monday night, with five more assists.

Carragher on Grealish

"I'm a big fan of Jack Grealish," says Jamie Carragher, who continues: "Graeme Sounnes criticized him last year because as a midfielder he had too much contact with the ball, but I don't see that.

He is not a conventional midfielder, which is why comparisons with Paul Gascoigne are not clear to me. I don't see that when I watch Grealish, because he just doesn't play in that position. " That is why it is not surprising that speculation has been circulating in the England for days that Grealish is also wanted by Manchester City after their rival United.

It was even written that Pep Guardiola received an amen from the first star of the team Kevin de Bruyne to start the transfer, while Aston Villa is looking for over 110,000,000 euros. "So far, we have seen only a small part of what Grealish really can and cannot be compared to Hazard in numbers.

But if he continues to play like this, he will surely be able to come very close to Hazard." Hazard scored 110 goals in 352 games during seven years at Chelsea, and he won the Europa League and the Premier League twice, and was shortlisted for the greatest individual achievements award.

Grealish has a long way to go and a lot of proof to be close to Hazard, and such comparisons are typical for England journalists and the public, which often led to overpayed compensation for transfers, and later those players became very bad.

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