Tim Sherwood angry at Erik ten Hag because of Hannibal Mejbri


Tim Sherwood angry at Erik ten Hag because of Hannibal Mejbri
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Tim Sherwood is one of those who do not understand Erik ten Hag's moves. Sherwood believes that players like Hannibal Mejbri must get more chances and have more trust from the coach. Mejbri played great for Manchester United.

However, as soon as the individuals recovered from the injury, the Tunisian ended up on the bench. 'He seems to pick superstars. £50m, £70m, £100m players – he throws them onto the pitch and hopes one of them does something to get him out the mire.

That is what has happened. He’s had to go to a kid in the academy to do that for him now. Hannibal got into that side. Say what you want about him and people will say, ‘He’s not a £100m player, he’s not this or that’ – but he went to Birmingham, worked hard on loan there, he came back and for me, he was Man of the Match in a couple games.

But as soon as someone else is fit, he is out the door. Sit on the bench, son. Someone else comes in and strolls around the pitch, doesn’t want to run around or get the ball back. It’s up to the manager to put the cocktail together.

They can’t all be superstars. You look at the best Man Utd teams, it was a lot of academy boys. When you cut them in half, they bleed the colour of the club. It means more to them.' - he said, as quoted by METRO.

Erik ten Hag and Tim Sherwood

Sherwood emphasized that if the team's stars do not play well enough, it is necessary to put them on the bench.

This is exactly how a coach can impose authority and show that he is the leader of the team. ‘He hasn’t got enough of that and he is worried of putting them in ahead of the superstars. The superstars, when they are doing well, brilliant, keep them in the side.

At the moment, they are not doing well. You have to be brave enough to put them on the bench. You have to put out who you think is going to do the job for the badge. That is a magnificent football club, the biggest in the world.

Get someone who wants to play for Man Utd. Some of those guys look like they are doing Man Utd a favour by being there and it is not good enough.’

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