Sinisa Mihajlovic revealed details about the fight against leukemia

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Sinisa Mihajlovic revealed details about the fight against leukemia

We are used to him as a tough guy, an unsurpassed fighter and a man ready to deal with anything and anyone, but in the book "The Game of Life" Siniša Mihajlović told everything about the other side of his personality that he realized when he found out he had a cancer.

In an exclusive interview for Italian Sky, the legendary player of Yugoslav football spoke about the book by Andrea di Cara, not hesitating to open his soul, open his heart and show fragility that was never inherent in him.

A special emphasis, of course, was on the fierce struggle for life in the previous months, but also on what he learned from that struggle. The struggle from which he emerged victorious. Mihajlovic also spoke about football, war, indisputable desire and ambition to one day sit on the bench of the beloved Red Star ...

"What did I learn from everything that happened to me? I learned to express my emotions," Mihajlović said at the beginning of the interview. "Life is a wonderful thing, you realize that when you go through what I went through.

Only then do you enjoy everything and fully, in all the details. I was born twice, first on February 20, 1969, and then again on October 29, 2019, a full 50 years later. With this disease I also learned to cry." "And I'm not ashamed of it.

No one should be ashamed when they cry. I used to keep everything to myself. Now I know that crying is a good thing. In general, showing feelings is a good thing. "

"I dreamed of my own funeral"

"I wanted to live, to fight.

I couldn't afford my departure. I couldn't afford it for my wife, children, mother. That's why I always wake up happy now. I even did it in the hospital. The best moments were waking up in the morning after a night spent with various thoughts.

Was I afraid? Of course I was. I dreamed of my own funeral many times. It's so strange ... But I never lost hope. I fed on courage. " And when it was all over, new problems arrived: panic attacks. "Now I know when they come and I know how to tame them.

But at first it wasn't like that. They were able to surprise me. And my wife had them in the past, I always told her, 'But if you know what it's about, why are you scared ?! '" "She replied that she didn't understand me and that she hoped it would never happen to me, but if it happened to me I would understand.And then I realized.I couldn't handle myself either.

"It looked like I was going to die. Now, however, as soon as I feel the first signs, I try not to think about it and after a few minutes it all passes. But you have to be strong in your head, because if you give in - there is complete chaos. "