David De Gea bad form worries fans

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David De Gea bad form worries fans

Lately, David De Gea is a goalkeeper who makes a lot of mistakes and the fans are getting louder and louder that Dean Henderson should be the one to be on the United goal in the future.
The form David De Gea once had is gone.

It was best noticed in the game against Chelsea when De Gea conceded 2 naive goals and his reactions were desperate. "De Gea is unrecognizable. That old David would stop all the shots that went into the goal. I wouldn't write it off yet.

He still has the quality to be ranked in the category of the best in the world, but he has completely lost his self-confidence, "said Phil Neville, a former Manchester United defender, as quoted by BBC However, there are those who still believe that David De Gea should stay on goal and that fans must not forget his good games in which he saved United several times and was their best player in the last couple of seasons.

Real Madrid has been trying to sign David for a couple of years but they failed to do so because all offers were rejected. The reason for this may have been that Real did not want to sell their players to United. "If a goalkeeper makes one or two mistakes, he should be supported and kept, but in the case of De Gea bad releases are repeated.

United should withdraw Dean Henderson from the loan only if he plans to make him the new number 1. In every other "It is better for Henderson to stay at Sheffield United and continue to gain experience," explained the legendary Shearer.

Solskjaer gives David De Gea support

Still, as a true coach Solskjaer has sided with David De Gee and gives him tremendous support and so wants to increase his self-confidence and wants to help him get back to the form he used to be.

"David is mentally strong, he is aware that his job is to give his best in training after failure and be ready for the next game. This will not grow into a conference dedicated to David de Gea. We will stay united. We have two more meetings ahead and we will focus exclusively on them ", Solskjer is clear.

It is certain that in the future the coach will think carefully about who to put on goal, although it is clear that if De Gea continues to be in this form, someone new will be on goal. Will it be Dean Henderson, Sergio Romero, or the new purchase of United? Surely we might find out soon.