Ronaldo could be punished with 99 lashes if he visits Iran again

A very unusual situation for the best player in the world

by Sededin Dedovic
Ronaldo could be punished with 99 lashes if he visits Iran again
© Amin M. Jamali / Getty Images

In September of this year, Cristiano Ronaldo's team Al-Nasr visited Iran against the Tehran club Persepolis. The match was played as part of the Asian Champions League, and after an ill-considered move by the best player in the world, Ronaldo, he could bear the consequences if he comes to Iran again.

Iranian lawyers filed charges against Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo for hugging painter Fatima Hamami. Iran is an Islamic republic and Sharia laws are respected, so it is forbidden to hug a woman who is not your wife or relative.

Of course, Ronaldo had no bad intentions in this case, and he probably didn't even know the laws in Iran. Iran's judiciary could reportedly punish Ronaldo with 99 lashes when he next visits Iran, although the sentence could be reduced if Ronaldo "shows remorse".

We will see in the coming days whether Ronaldo will show remorse for something he probably does not consider a violation or a crime. reports Spanish Marca

Cristiano Ronaldo received from a disabled painter two paintings that she drew with her feet

The indictment was already initiated a few days ago by the Iranian judiciary, and Ronaldo visited Tehran in September, when he and his team, Saudi Al-Nasr, played against the Tehran club Persepolis in the Asian Champions League.

As part of his visit to Iran, Ronaldo paid a visit to the painter with a handicap, Fatima Hamma, out of goodwill, to whom he gave a jersey with his signature, hugged and kissed her on the forehead as a sign of gratitude for her gift of two of her canvases that she painted with her feet.

Surely the Iranians are also aware that Ronaldo didn't do it out of bad intentions, but he didn't even know that it was actually forbidden. In Ronaldo's favor is the fact that he was always extremely friendly towards Muslims and supported Palestine in the war with Israel. And the main sponsor of the terrorist group from Palestine, Hamas, is precisely the Islamic Republic of Iran.