South America: Neymar was pelted with popcorn, Messi was spat on by his opponent


South America: Neymar was pelted with popcorn, Messi was spat on by his opponent
© Marcelo Endelli / Getty Images

The qualification matches for the world championship were held yesterday, it was very exciting in South America. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, Argentina defeated Paraguay with a score of 1:0, while Brazil drew with Venezuela 1:1.

Attention was diverted from the results by two incidents in which the main actors were Lionel Messi and Neymar. Brazil was a big favorite, but they unexpectedly drew with Venezuela at home. Neymar assisted Gabriel for 1:0, but in the 80th minute the equalizer was brought by the White Table, which caused the anger of the Brazilian fans.

However, everything remained in the shadow of the situation that happened later. Brazil's best soccer player, Neymar, calmly walked to the locker room after the game, but was hit in the head with a bag of popcorn. Several fans targeted him, but one managed to hit him, which angered him, so the Brazilian wanted to fight physically.

Neymar was visibly annoyed and cursed in the direction of the fans from where the bag flew.
After the exchange of curses and bad words, the teammates managed to prevent the soccer players of Al Hilal from making the situation even worse.

In the end, everything ended well, but maybe we never saw that face of Neymar.

There was nothing calmer in the other matches either

Sparks also flew in the match between world champions Argentina and Paraguay. The scorer of the only and winning goal was Nicolas Otamendi, but he also remained in the shadow of Lionel Messi, who at one point got very annoyed and exchanged a few words with Antonio Sanabria, and then the Paraguayan soccer player spat at him.

It was clearly seen on the camera that Sanabria really spat at Messi, but Messi didn't seem to feel anything and didn't even react. And it's better that it happened that way. We are used to the fact that whenever it comes to South American teams, we can see simulating injuries, verbal arguments, pushing, but something like this is rarely recorded, especially since the main actors are two soccer superstars, Lionel Messi and Neymar.