English Premier League: Super Man City, Liverpool mocked!


English Premier League: Super Man City, Liverpool mocked!
English Premier League: Super Man City, Liverpool mocked!

In the weekend of English Premier League, Manchester City beats Burnley 5-0. The start at 6 ', with perfect control of the ball at the suggestion of De Bruyne and goal of ryad Mahrez. The 2-0 in the 22nd minute. Mahrez's terrific day was completed by a perfect spike on Foden's cross, in the 69th minute, for the final 5-0.

Among the Algerian's goals, Mendy's 3-0 with the left-footed volley on De Bruyne's second assist and Torres's 4-0, freed with a magic by Jesus. Everton-Leeds, with the only oddity is that the team from Bielsa only found the goal in the 79th minute with Raphinha, one of the protagonists of the match.

In the first half, Leeds came close to 1-0 on several occasions. At 10 'Pickford was saved on the double attack Raphinha-Harrison, at 21' the Everton goalkeeper was very good at blocking Bamford's shot, at 29 'Pickford's great reflex on Raphinha's head and, at the wheel, Holgate's decisive intervention on the line to block Harrison's shot.

Harrison's own post in the 45th minute ended the waste fair. West Bromwich Albion 1-0 over Sheffield United. The match is decided by a goal by Gallagher in the 13th minute. The WBA rises to 5 points, the Blades still stuck at one, the great revelation of last season.

Liverpool: draw and controversy!

Reds have a difficult afternoon against Brighton, proving that the emergency due to the avalanche of injuries is increasingly affecting performance. Not only that: Milner was also added to the list of out of order, forced to leave due to a problem with his flexors in the 74th minute.

After a missed opportunity by Salah in the 3 'on Fabinho's long pass, here is the first chance for Brighton in the 10': Connolly appears alone in front of Alisson, but the aim is out of order. At 13 'the Brazilian goalkeeper anticipates Connolly and at 19' Connolly is again tripped by Neco Williams.

Penalty: Maupay displaces Alisson, but the ball ends up on the scoreboards. Three minutes later, the striker is injured and exits: Trossard in his place. The Belgian, who has just entered, is close to 1-0. At 34 'a splendid suggestion launches Salah: the Egyptian scores, but the Var cancels for a millimeter offside.

It starts with Henderson in place of Williams and Milner back in defense. Liverpool play better, although Welbeck does it all on his own on 54 minutes, but Alisson saves. Jota's goal comes in the 60th minute. Robertson serves Salah and the Egyptian entrusts the ball to the Portuguese: two opponents jumped lightly, precise touch, 1-0.

Klopp replaces Salah, adding Mané, but the Egyptian doesn't like it. He shakes his head and when he leaves the pitch, he ignores the hand of the coach and German: bad sign. In the 83rd minute, Mané doubles on Robertson's free-kick, but Var cancels the Senegalese for offside. Var returns to the fore in the 91st minute, when Robertson counters Welbeck in the area.

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