Borussia Dortmund desperate against Koln, Bayern Munich dominant again

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Borussia Dortmund desperate against Koln, Bayern Munich dominant again

Everything good they do today, Borussia will gamble tomorrow. And so for years. Constancy is what the Millionaires lack in order to fight for the title with Bayern on an equal footing. After a magnificent turnaround in Berlin last week - and a slight triumph in the Champions League - Lucian Favre's team managed to lose today at home to Koln, a team that has not win since the start of the season ?!

It was by far the weakest edition of Dortmund this year. The host did not kick Tim Horn's goal until the 60th minute, and officially the best young football player in Europe - Erling Halland, had his first chance in the fifth minute of the referee's compensation ?!

Bayern, of course, did not refuse gifts. Flick's boys didn't shine either, but they celebrated for the ninth time in a row in Stuttgart, and for the 65th time in total against Stuttgart. The Bavarians now again have four points more than the biggest rival for the throne ...

Koln managed to get the first victory where the students of Marcus Gisdol probably hoped the least. Two breaks, in the 9th and 60th minute and twice in the right place was Skhiri. Two almost copied goals. The ball falls into the penalty area, a big crowd and both times Skhiri is lucky to be closest to the ball.


Borussia struggled from the start. The ball went slowly, the attacks were idealess. For such an edition of Millionaire, certain merits must also be addressed to Gisdol, but there is no doubt that the fans for such an edition will "hang" Lucian Favre on the pillar of shame.

Dortmund reduced the score more or less on time. It was played in the 74th minute. If Favre did something good today, it is change. He threw Gio Reina and Torgan Hazard from the bench and it was the two of them who realized that goal.

But from that moment on, the home team couldn't do anything. Koln closed everything behind, so that luck would look at them in the 95th minute. It's the only chance for Halland. Reus passed a ball to him and the Norwegian missed an empty net from five meters ...

It started very badly for Bayern in Stuttgart, where they usually won regularly. Manuel Neuer did not react well to the ball thrown from the side, he threw himself into the empty net, and Coulibaly was in the right place.

Coman is in the 38th minute, and then maybe the key moment of the match will happen. Neuer messed up again, lost the ball in his penalty area, after which Bayern will score the second goal, but after the assistance of VAR, it turned out that the experienced goalkeeper was fouled.

Stuttgart continued to offer good resistance, but the goals were scored by Bayern. The turning point happened at the end of the first part. Robert Lewandowski scored - his 15th goal in the 14th game of this season. The final result was set by the reserve Douglas Costa ...