Paolo Maldini: "Ibrahimovic is an amazing player"

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Paolo Maldini: "Ibrahimovic is an amazing player"

Paolo Maldini is an icon of Milan, a symbol of the seven-time European champion and probably the best defender in the history of football. With the end of his playing career, the beginning of the turbulent period in Milan and the end of the club era somehow started.

For years, Rossoneri's fans cried out for Maldini's return to some important position at the club, but he wisely kept silent, did not want to be mentioned and waited for the moment when he thought he could help.

The American owners convinced him to inherit Leonard in tandem with Boban and take over the sports sector after another bad season. He had to work without a lot of money because Milan suffered big losses and could not invest much in the team.

Despite many obstacles, Maldini managed to put together a team that records results above all expectations and announces the recovery of the famous club.

American owners

Although cooperation with American owners is not easy because they are not very interested in football as a sport, but only in the profits in the club books.

"Plans are changing along the way. I am personally attached to the image of Milan winning and I can’t just focus on balancing club accounts. I have to take care of the history of the club and what the fans expect from me.

That's why I push the club to do one thing instead of another. "The results show that they were right about some and I about some things. It is important that we all have a common idea of ​​progress and that is of great help in the whole project ", says Maldini in an interview for DAZN.

Maldini reveals that he and his then associate Zvonimir Boban were advocates of the transfer of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Simon Kjaer last January. Although the American owners propagated the policy of bringing young players on whom they will later earn money.

It turned out that Milan received capital players in them. "Ibra was an idea back in January 2019 with Leonard. We talked to him and Mino Raiola, but he had a deal with Los Angeles Galaxy and promised to talk to us again in a year.

He kept his word. " Many at the time thought that Zlatan was a "gambling" and that Milan was taking a lot of risks with his arrival. "Of course he was a gambling. Zlatan spent several years in the MLS league, but with all due respect, it is a completely different level of football from Serie A.

When we gave him a contract for 18 months, he asked to be for six months because he was not sure how much he could give us. Ibra is an extremely competitive athlete. His competitive spirit goes to incredible limits. He constantly raises the level and drives his teammates crazy, from whom he asks the same. "