Hakan Calhanoglu could sign for Manchester United

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Hakan Calhanoglu could sign for Manchester United

While new names of potential new signings for the winter and next summer are emerging day by day (this morning the young striker Scamak from Genoa and Lucas Vasquez, whose contract at Real expires), Milan still fails to solve the burning problems of players whose contracts expire: Zlatana Ibrahimovic, Gianluigi Donnaruma and Hakan Chalhanoglu.

The Rossoneri seem to have lost one battle already. According to the well-informed German journalist Christian Falk, Manchester United has agreed on a free transfer of Hakan Chalhanoglu for the summer. More precisely, "90 percent agreed"

Falk is the most famous journalist of the German Bild, whose exclusives are usually accurate, and he told the story of Chalhanoglu in an interview for one of Milan's fan sites. "According to our information, the first talks between Manchester United and Chalhanoglu were announced last summer.

These negotiations are currently at an advanced stage. This is evidenced by the fact that Milan rejected Juventus' offer for Chalhanoglu at the end of the transfer window this summer." "Salary is currently being negotiated, Hakan's big advantage is that he is becoming a free agent.

"The chances of him transferring to Manchester United are 90 percent," Falk said

Transfer window 2017

Chalhanoglu came to Milan in the famous transfer window in the summer of 2017 as one of a bunch of players that cost the Rossoneri around 250,000,000 euros and brought nothing.

He wore number 10 jersey, which has a special meaning in Milan (Rivera, Gulit, Savićević, Boban, Rui Costa, Sedorf ...) and was expected to be the player around which the Rossoneri game will revolve. However, like most of the players from that transfer period, he was disappointment.

He was even good in the first season with eight goals and 14 assists in 45 games, but after that he played bad. In the 2018/19 season, he scored only four goals in 46 games, played great games poorly and was one of the most irritating players for fans who dere wondering how long Milan would tolerate him.

He also started desperately last season, but Milan did not give up on him. In the first 23 matches of the season, he scored three goals and recorded only one assist. Then the season was interrupted, and Calhanoglu returned as a reborn after the break and reminded of the player from Germany who had been waiting at San Siro for almost three years to work.

In the "post-corona" period, Chalhanoglu scored six goals and recorded eight assists in 12 matches. He finally started working, and he started well this season with four goals and two assists in three matches in the qualifications for the Europa League, and then the stories about the contract began.

His current contract expires at the end of the season, and according to him, he has so far earned 2,500,000 euros per season. In Milan, they believed that he was happy and satisfied and were ready to offer him a raise to 4,000,000 euros a year, and then Chalhanoglu shocked them by demanding that he receive a salary of 7,000,000 euros a year, which only Ibrahimovic and several players in the league currently have.