Messi could return to Barcelona if Inter Miami does not make it to the playoffs

News of a possible return of Messi appeared in Catalonia

by Sededin Dedovic
Messi could return to Barcelona if Inter Miami does not make it to the playoffs
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Fans and journalists from Barcelona believe that Messi could return to his home club. If Inter from Miami does not enter the MLS playoffs, which is realistic, the biggest star not only of this club, but also of the league, Lionel Messi, could play for Barcelona again from January, claims Catalan Sport!

It would be a loan until the end of the La Liga season. We know what his name means in bright Catalonia and Barcelona, this would be a big sensation. This would not be the first such case, because it has already happened that some of the biggest soccer stars return to Europe halfway through the season.

This is exactly what the co-owner of his current club, David Beckham, or former Barca star Thierry Henry once did: the Englishman returned to Milan from Los Angeles Galaxy half a year later, and the Frenchman returned to Arsenal from New York Red Bulls.

And both had very good episodes in their European clubs.

This news brought a lot of excitement to Barcelona fans because Messi will always have the status of a legend of the club

There are certainly many things that connect Messi to Barcelona, so we would not be surprised if he returns to Xavi.

As for Messi, this information has brought positive unrest into the hearts of the fans of the current champion of Spain, although everything should be taken with a grain of salt, because the big question is whether the Argentine will ever forgive the beloved club that he had to leave two years ago, against his will.

in Paris Saint Germain. Messi didn't advertise much on that issue, but he certainly wasn't indifferent at that moment when his parent club turned its back on him. It is certain that Messi's return to Barca would give additional motivation and stimulation to his teammates to play better.

This involvement in Barca would certainly be of mutual benefit, Messi is still a great footballer despite being 34 years old, and it would be good for him to perform instead of resting.