The English Premier League quickly adopted new VAR rules after last week's scandal

Is this the final solution for refereeing mistakes?

by Sededin Dedovic
The English Premier League quickly adopted new VAR rules after last week's scandal
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Passions do not calm down after the controversial decision and cancellation of Liverpool's clean sheet, certain changes were made in the Premier League regarding VAR technology. It seems that this case contributed to VAR changing the rules after a few years.

The VAR scandal rocked the Premier League. In the match between Tottenham and Liverpool, the referees canceled Luis Diaz's clear goal. Immediately there was a big protest from the coaches and fans who had already seen that the goal was clean.

However, it was not enough to change this decision. Instead of Jurgen Klopp's team taking the lead, a goal followed by the home team, who ended up winning with an own goal. However, no one is talking about it, but about the terrible move of the referees and people from the VAR room, that's why new changes were made.

This has been the main topic of the media in Great Britain for days, so the idea came up to change the rules a little.

The new rules should directly improve communication between the VAR referee and his assistant

Liverpool asked for an explanation and later turned to the refereeing bodies in England.

They didn't have to wait long for an answer. It was determined that there had been a series of fouls during that match and referee Simon Hooper had ruled offside and VAR referees Darren England and Dan Cook realized he had conceded a goal and within seconds upheld the decision thinking everything was fine.

They realized what had happened too late, so they started cursing, which can be heard on the published recording. Regardless of the fact that it turned out that the judges realized their mistake and were not happy about the mistake, they suffered certain consequences.

In order to prevent possible mistakes in the following period, the judicial bodies in England came up with new rules in a timely manner. The first and foremost rule is that the VAR referee and his assistant will have to confirm the decision between themselves and check it further before communicating it to the referee.

The goal is clear, direct and better communication. We don't know how effective this rule will be, but we will see in the coming period. It is certainly good that there has been a change. It seems that the working hours of judges will also be reduced.

The second rule is related to permits in connection with refereeing matches abroad. It was established that England and Cook, who worked in the VAR room, refereed a match in Saudi Arabia just two days before the derby, and it was estimated that they were tired due to travel, flights and everything, and that this also affected their concentration when making decisions.

. We hope that this will improve the refereeing so that we can watch the biggest derbies without such mistakes. Because referee mistakes often spoil the biggest soccer matches.

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