Juventus banned Paul Pogba from training and suspended his salary


Juventus banned Paul Pogba from training and suspended his salary
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It didn't take long for Juventus to speak out about the doping scandal of their player Paul Pogba. French football player Paul Pogba was banned by the leaders of Juventus from training with the rest of the team and suspended almost his entire salary, along with some other measures that will be announced later - the prestigious sports daily "Lequipe" announced today.

There are big and rigorous penalties when it comes to doping, especially in the Italian Serie A, where this is not the first time such a scandal has happened. A few days ago, Pogba (30) failed the second doping test, which is why it is assumed that he will receive a long-term suspension from football, of two or three years, which would practically mean that the Frenchman will end his professional career.

However, we must emphasize that the maximum sentence is four years, which apparently will not be in circulation in this case.

What a naive mistake by Paul Pogba at the end of his career

As "Lequipe" writes, the leaders of Juventus therefore decided to remove Pogba from the team and prohibit him from accessing the training center, as well as from having any contact with people who work at the club.

This last decision seems a little too rigorous and will it be able to be fully implemented. His salary is "frozen" until further notice, he will be paid only 42,500 euros out of eight million, which is his annual salary. What a problem Paul Pogba got himself into at the end of his career.

Was this necessary for the French international when he had already lost his recognizable form and when he was expected to go to a club from Saudi Arabia. As "Lequipe" concludes, the club will try to terminate the contract with Pogba, which is valid until June 2026, in the coming days.

In Juventus, they believe that they will be able to terminate the contract with the Frenchman without the obligation to pay him the remaining guaranteed earnings, because they believe that he caused incalculable damage to the club by doping. However, they said that they still need to consult on legal options, so they will make the best possible decision.

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