PSG players under suspension for homophobia, PSG punished with empty stands


PSG players under suspension for homophobia, PSG punished with empty stands
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Things seem to be getting worse and worse at PSG. After the departure of Neymar and Messi, new players arrived who did not fit in very well. Of course, it is difficult to fit into a team where two of the best players at that time were playing.

It is even more difficult for them because they are under the watchful eye of journalists. Now again a new scandal in the capital of France. Four Paris Saint-Germain soccer players were suspended for homophobic statements for one game each in the national championship, the French League 1 announced.

It seems to have gone downhill for this famous club on all fronts. Kolo Muani, Osman Dembele, Ahraf Hakimi and Lajvin Kurzava were punished because on September 24, after the match with Olympique de Marseille, together with the fans of their club, they sang insulting songs addressed to the president of Olympique.

The not-at-all-nice scenes of that day on the soccer field were covered by almost all well-known soccer portals.

Paris st Germain will also be punished as a club by closing the stands

But that's not all, in addition to the personal and individual fines for the actors of that act, iClub from Paris will be punished with two games where they will have to close the stand where the most ardent fans are.

The fans supported their players and said that they would be happy to serve the punishment. However, on the occasion of this case, none of the actors came forward and spoke on the subject. "The club regrets that the Disciplinary Commission decided to implement an excessive measure, which will probably set back the work on dialogue and prevention that the club carries out with fan associations and government institutions.

We are aware of the importance of this fight and the symbolism of the decision, that's why we will not file an appeal", says the statement of Paris Saint-Germain. We remind you that PSG lost in the second round of the Soccer Champions League against Newcastle