Paul Pogba failed the doping test again, possible suspension of 4 years


Paul Pogba failed the doping test again, possible suspension of 4 years
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The situation surrounding Paul Pogba, who tested positive for testosterone doping earlier this year, has still not calmed down. The behavior of this once very good and promising player is really surprising. He played for the strongest European soccer teams and for the French national team.

Juventus soccer player Paul Pogba tested positive for doping even after checking a second sample, and he faces a four-year suspension, reports Italian journalist Fabricio Romano. The former Manchester United player was initially tested after the match against Udinese, when he was found to have elevated testosterone levels, according to Corriere del Sera.

Even then, it was considered that this player had not taken doping for the first time. This meant that an additional sample would be checked, and, as reported by Fabrizio Romano, Pogba was also positive this time.

Paul Pogba did not even play the match against Udinese when he tested positive

The French soccer federation and UEFA have rigorous penalties for doping.

The French international is threatened with a long-term suspension and now it is Juventus' turn to make a move regarding his contract, which expires only in the summer of 2026. It is certain that Juventus also does not want to pay a salary to a player who is under suspension, especially since Pogba is no longer as young as he used to be.

Pogba, who turned 30 in March, is facing a four-year suspension, which could almost end his career. We must emphasize that this is the maximum number of years he could receive, while the optimal sentence for this offense is two years.

In that match against Udinese, played on August 20, he did not even play, but watched it from the bench. Despite this, it was he who was among those whose sample was randomly checked, after which the offense was found. A very interesting situation indeed.

In the next few weeks, we will see how this will end. However, in order to set an example for other soccer players, the punishment will probably be very rigorous.

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