Nemanja Matic: We have to win the next two games

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Nemanja Matic: We have to win the next two games

Manchester United ended their winning streak with a defeat by Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final 3-1. Something was wrong with Ole Gunnar's team. None of the players played as expected and it can be said that all players should be equally blamed for the defeat.

David De Gea has not been the same goalkeeper lately as he has been in previous seasons and United fans are getting louder that Dean Henderson should return to the club. Also Bruno Fernandes did not play a good game and had a lot of wrong passes, but probably too many games in a couple of weeks affected the players.

Now Manchester United expects two difficult games that will decide the entire season and whether Manchester United will play in the Champions League next season or not. The first of them will be against West Ham who can be very dangerous and certainly will not give up at Old Trafford .After that, a decisive match may be played against Leicester, which is also still in the game for the Champions League.

Nemanja Matic about Chelsea

Nemanja Matić used to play for Chelsea, where he was one of the key players. However, he decided on a new challenge in his career: Manchester United: “I'm already three years at United so for me, every game is special when I play and especially at Wembley, so it doesn't matter who it's against."

- as quoted by goal “Of course there is always some feelings when we play against Chelsea because it is my ex-club, but we are disappointed because we lost. " “We wanted to get to the final and Chelsea scored three goals, they used their chances and deserved to be in the final, so our focus now is on Wednesday night against West Ham.

We have to win that game." From this moment, we will focus on that and we've already spoke a little bit in the changing room about that. In three days we have another challenge and we have to recover as soon as possible”.

“We always want to win and that's exactly what we tried today, but this is football. “You don't win always, sometimes you don't have your day, you don't play well and this can happen, but we know what we are playing for, so in the future, we cannot allow conceding three goals like we conceded today and I am sure we will learn from this”.