Police inspector Villarejo says that Real Madrid bribed referees before Barcelona


Police inspector Villarejo says that Real Madrid bribed referees before Barcelona
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A big drama is happening in La Liga about referee bribery and match fixing. The main actor is one of the best soccer teams in the world of all time FC Barcelona. A court in Barcelona recently upheld the indictment against Barcelona for bribing referees in the Negreiro case.

After the indictment was confirmed, the Catalan club is now threatened with expulsion from Europe, as well as the failure of the 1.5 billion euro project of a new stadium and field for all national teams. The Catalans have just started to get out of the deep financial crisis they found themselves in and now this incident happened.

Last week's news from Spain says that the police raided the headquarters of the Football Association, more precisely the part where the referee organization's premises are located. Most of the biggest soccer sites published this news.

Another big Spanish and European club found itself in a scandal together with FC Barcelona

To make things even more interesting, another club is included in this case. Soon, the biggest rival Real Madrid could join Barcelona on the dock.

After Italy, it seems that soccer scandals began to shake Spain as well. At least that's what José Manuel Villarejo, a former police inspector, claims. "Before this one with Barcelona, I already established that Real Madrid was doing the same thing.

However, nothing related to Florentino Perez must be investigated in this country. It would be suicide. He is untouchable." This news was not well received by the royal club, which reacted immediately and rejected all the claims, and Perez announced that he would press charges against Villarejo for defamation.

However, it was seen that the management of Real Madrid was very excited about this news, which could mean that there is some truth in it. The former inspector made these accusations during a guest appearance on Rac1, a Catalan media house.

In the coming days, we will see how the situation with this case will develop, but we have to admit that for a long time there has not been a bigger scandal in La Liga involving the two best teams of all time in the Spanish league.

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