Mudryk, who was paid 70 million 9 months ago, scored the first goal for Chelsea


Mudryk, who was paid 70 million 9 months ago, scored the first goal for Chelsea
© Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

Ukrainian football player Mychajlo Mudryk waited nine months for his "debut" in the Chelsea jersey. Many called him an overpriced player who did not justify the money he was paid. Fans and journalists put a lot of pressure on him every day, which additionally affected his self-confidence and game.

So, long after he arrived at the club, he started paying the "Blues" 70 million for him and they could give another 30 for bonuses, according to the agreement with Shakhtar. Is this just the beginning of Mudryk's goalscoring form? Chelsea as a team has been in a big crisis for the last two years.

They played very poorly last year, even though they spend record amounts of money every transfer window. Chelsea started from a "dead point" and announced, perhaps, better days in the continuation of the season, Mudryk announced a favorable epilogue in the neighbor's yard at "Craven Cottage".

The Ukrainian scored to give Mauricio Pochettino's team the lead in the 18th minute, and only 82 seconds later, Armando Broja doubled the lead and thus, already at that early stage of the match, provided Chelsea with three points.
It was the first triumph of Pochettino's team after three matches.

We are not used to this kind of Chelsea game, but it seems that better days are coming for the London club and for a player worth almost 100 million with bonuses.

It looks like better days are ahead for young Mudryk

Mudryk has taken off the huge burden he carried as a highly paid player, one who is expected to contribute concretely every game.

This is exactly why he was brought to the general satisfaction of the fans. Fans have been waiting a long time for Mudryk to sign for Chelsea games, but he was rarely visible, so he is being talked about more and more loudly as another failure of the American bosses.

It looks like things could change, but it's too early to tell because it's only one goal. With one goal, of course, he did not "kill" the critics on his account, but only ended the agony that lasted as long as the process of the baby's arrival in the world.

It has been proven many times that after a long series without a goal, when the attackers finally score a goal, it gives them confidence and they start a positive series.