Barcelona striker Lewandowski could join the Saudi league at the end of this season

Possible transfer of Lewandowski do Saudi Arabia

by Sededin Dedovic
Barcelona striker Lewandowski could join the Saudi league at the end of this season
© David Ramos / Getty Images

The trend of professional soccer players to go to Saudi Arabia at the end of their careers is becoming more and more common. After Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Al-Nasr, more and more good soccer players started to go to Saudi Arabia.

More and not only older players, a lot of players in their prime left Europe for Saudi Arabia. Barcelona footballer Robert Lewandowski could continue his career in the Professional League of Saudi Arabia at the end of the season, Daily Mail reports.

The media already reported that Levandovski had an excellent financial offer from Abha in the summer transfer window, but he decided to stay at the Catalan club. At the time, he claimed that it was a really good offer, but he still wanted to play in Barcelona.

But it seems to us that things could change.

Robert Lewandowski has a valid contract with Barcelona but is open to deals with Saudi clubs

This Polish attacker has a valid contract with Barcelona until 2026, but regardless, he plans to intensify negotiations with potential clubs.

A lot of clubs from Saudi Arabia are interested in his services, and how could they not be when we know how good a goal scorer he is and he is not that old. It seems to us that the Saudi league will soon overtake some of the average European leagues, dozens of soccer stars have come to that country.

Robert Lewandowski could certainly play a few more good seasons because he is 35 years old. He arrived in Barcelona in 2022 from Bayern Munich and continued his form that he showed throughout the season. He played 55 games for the Catalan club and scored 39 goals, some of which were very important for the team.

This great Pole has certainly marked the last decade as one of the best goalscorers in the world. We can only imagine what he would do with defenses in a league like the Saudi one, but maybe we will witness his game in a league where Ronaldo, Benzema and many other soccer stars play. We must mention that the Saudi League has increased its viewership several times in the last year.