Liverpool management after VAR failure: Violated integrity of sport


Liverpool management after VAR failure: Violated integrity of sport
Liverpool management after VAR failure: Violated integrity of sport © Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

A big drama was created after the match between Liverpool and Tottenham. Liverpool Football Club has said that the "integrity of the sport has been compromised" by an error made by VAR during the match in London and the Premier League loss to Tottenham.

Since VAR was introduced, there has not been a bigger incident than this. Liverpool lost 2:1 to Tottenham in London on Saturday, and the club is angry because the referee canceled Luis Diaz's goal due to offside when the score was 0:0 in the 34th minute, and the VAR referee did not change that decision after reviewing the video.

Although everyone noticed that the goal was really clean, to the general disbelief of Liverpool's players and fans, the goal was not recognized. Immediately after the game, there were disgruntled comments about this big mistake of the VAR room in what is surely the strongest soccer league in the world.

The Professional Refereeing Body in England (PGMOL) immediately acknowledged the lapse and said it was "significant human error", and those VAR referees were relieved of duty until the end of the weekend. However, the fans and the management of Liverpool are not satisfied with this decision either and are demanding an even stricter punishment for the mentioned referees so that it will be a warning for the future and that such mistakes will not be repeated.

Liverpool stated that they will "deal with" this case, and that there must be an even stricter punishment

"Liverpool Football Club accepts PGMOL's acknowledgment of last night's error. It is clear that there was no proper application of football laws, which led to the violation of sports integrity.

We fully accept the pressures under which match referees work, but these pressures should be alleviated and not increased by the existence and change of VAR," Liverpool's press release stated, as reported by the BBC. "Therefore, it is unsatisfactory that there was not enough time to make the correct decision and that there was no subsequent intervention.

That such failures are characterized as 'significant human error' is also unacceptable. Any and all outcomes should be determined only by review and with full transparency. This is vital for the reliability of future decision-making to ensure that such a situation does not happen again," Liverpool said in a statement.