Cristiano Ronaldo continues to break records, another goal and an assist

Great game of Ronaldo in last Sauid league match

by Sededin Dedovic
Cristiano Ronaldo continues to break records, another goal and an assist
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According to many, the best player in the world of all time, the great Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo marked another, the 8th round of the Saudi Pro League in which he scored the 848th goal and recorded the 275th assist in his unforgettable career.

Incredible statistics of this wizard with a soccer ball. The home team gained the advantage after the "ten" Virgil Misigan performed a fantastic counter with the assistant Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Harti, and led to a tie in the 79th minute, after which the atmosphere culminated.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores from the penalty spot to give his team the lead

However, it was not enough for a point in the duel with one of the favorites for the title, thanks to the situation in the 87th minute when the ball, after an imprecise shot by Cesc Fofana, hit the hand of one of the home defenders, and people from the VAR room suggested to the referee Matthew Conger that a penalty kick should have been played.

In the end, the referee decided so and gave the guests the opportunity to take the lead towards the end of the match.
This referee from New Zealand accepted the suggestion, pointed to the white spot, and the 38-year-old Portuguese did not need to be told twice - he scored and returned Al Nasr to third place in the table.

Certainly very important points for the visitors. And Ronaldo, as always, marked the match with his skills.It is incredible how this man trains and plays, considering that he has been playing soccer for over two decades. It's no wonder that many consider him to be the best soccer player of all time.

This was a very interesting match that proved that Saudi soccer has progressed a lot, and how will it not when we see what names are playing there now. Ronaldo left his team in the race for the title, it will be interesting to watch this championship until the end.

Many European big stars came to the league, so it is not surprising that the Saudi league has become one of the most popular. Just the name Cristiano Ronaldo brought many of his famous colleagues.

Cristiano Ronaldo