Marcus Rashford super excited for a Manchester United reinforcement!


Marcus Rashford super excited for a Manchester United reinforcement!
Marcus Rashford super excited for a Manchester United reinforcement! © Lewis Storey / Getty Images Sport

Manchester United was active this summer on the transfer market, and they managed to hire several great players. One of those who attracts the most attention is the Danish international, Rasmus Hojlund. The former Atalanta striker arrived at the club as a huge reinforcement.

Rasmus has already shown that he has the qualities, but it is necessary for him to cooperate with his teammates and help United achieve their goals. Marcus Rashford, one of the club's key players, is delighted that he will have the opportunity to work with Hojlund.

He pointed out why. ‘I am honestly super excited about it,’ Rashford told Premier League Productions, as quoted by METRO! ‘At times last year, we were going on counter-attacks and we would just see shirts of other bodies, and usually, the only the cut-back that was on was to Bruno [Fernandes] who was arriving later.

Whereas this year, you have to understand the dynamics have changed, so we have spoken to each other and done a little bit of work off the pitch, probably that the coaching staff don’t even know, between [just] me and him.'

Marcus Rashford on Rasmus Hojlund

Rashford emphasized that he is excited. Namely, it is essential that both of them understand each other, in order to help their club score as many goals as possible and achieve victories.

It will certainly take some time to create chemistry between Rashford and Hojlund. Rashford's speed and skills are the primary weapons, while Hojlund's strength, sense for the goal, and playing with the head are the guarantee of success.

‘I just want to understand his game and for him to understand my game as quickly as possible. So far it has been good and we obviously had the unlucky one at Brighton that got disallowed, but then in the following game we’ve got one where we have combined for a goal, so I am very happy for him.

I’m sure it is a relationship that will help both players, so I am excited for it, excited for the future and I am also so excited that we have so many games coming up because we have so many opportunities to show who we are.

He is a big, strong, physical lad, he has good finishing abilities. So when the chances do come to him, he will score goals.’

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