Antoine Griezmann revealed that he has a great relationship with Leo Messi

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Antoine Griezmann revealed that he has a great relationship with Leo Messi

One of the central figures in the Spanish media in recent weeks is Antoine Griezmann. And not because of constant goals and amazing games. We still haven't seen that from him in Barcelona. There is constant talk and writing about his arrival at Barça last year, but the relationship with Lionel Messi always comes to the fore.

After weeks and weeks imbued with negative publicity and various speculations about animosity between the Catalan club's offensive players, the Frenchman finally decided to step forward and share with open heart everything that bothers him.

He chose Universo Valdano and former national team player of Argentina and Real Madrid: Jorge Valdano. "At my first appearance in Barcelona, ​​I said that I did not want to speak in public, but that I would speak on the ground, but I think the time has come to put things in their place.

I have been suffering from various negative comments and speculations for a long time." "I wants people to see that I have no problem with anyone and that I am only focused on doing things on the field as best I can ”…began the story of the attacker for whom the Catalans set aside more than 120,000,000 euros last summer.

Bad form

For almost one and a half seasons at the club, he failed to suggest that he would repeat the games from the red-and-white jersey of Atletico Madrid. When Barcelona brings you for that much money, then you are expected to do something in almost every game, and Griezmann's 17 goals so far and five assists in 58 games do not match the expectations of the club and the fans at the time he was brought.

"In just over a year on the team, I've been through the methods of three different coaches and a corona virus pandemic. I still need time to fit in. Criticisms? I accept them because we haven't seen the best edition of Griezmann in Barcelona yet."

We will remember that the French national team player refused to move to Barcelona in 2018, and as he said at the time during a visit to Channel Plus, the decision may have been subconsciously influenced by the knowledge that he will be the second player of the team behind Lionel Messi.

Upon his arrival in Barça, he took with him the burden of saying "No" to the five-time European champion a year earlier. "I came to Barcelona, ​​which I refused a year earlier. I expected there to be comments in the locker room, from journalists, fans, and because of that I wanted to apologize on the field.

If I offended them by any chance. "I talked to Leo when I came and he told me that I screwed up when I turned down Barcelona because I had previously said that I wanted to leave Atletico. He told me when we are on the same side, that he would die for me and I feel that every day. "