Jose Mourinho had a disastrous start to the season, the worst in his career

Jose Mourinho statement about start of Seria A this season

by Sededin Dedovic
Jose Mourinho had a disastrous start to the season, the worst in his career
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Seria A has started in a big way, and some teams have already started boldly stepping towards the title. It is very early to predict, but in most cases the future champion separates at the very beginning. One of the favorites to play in the Champions League is definitely Roma, led by one of the most successful and best managers of all time, Jose Mourinho.

Roma coach Jose Mourinho said that the club had the worst start to the season in his entire coaching career, after the defeat against Genoa in the Italian championship. Roma lost 1:4 away to Genoa last night, suffered their third defeat in six games in Serie A and has five points in 16th place in the table.

Mourinho took over at Roma in 2021, after coaching Porto, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter, Manchester United and Tottenham. In the 2021/2022 season, he won the Conference League with the Roman club, with whom he lost in the Europa League final last season, after a penalty shootout against Sevilla.

Jose Mourinho is only used to good results, this is his worst start since working as a manager

Mourinho said after the game against Genoa that he was disappointed with the start of the season. He expected much better results, but he says that it is better that this happened at the beginning of the season than later, when the season has moved on a bit.

" It is also my worst start of the season as a coach. However, I think that Roma, before last season, had never played in two consecutive finals of European competitions" - Mourinho said, BBC reported. The only victory in the championship this season was achieved by Roma against Empoli 7:0, and it was better than Sherif from Tiraspol in the Europa League.

In the next match in Serie A, Roma will play at home against Frosinone. "This is the team we have, for better or for worse. We have to move forward, there is no time to complain. Maybe I will show my feelings behind the scenes, because this really affects me emotionally, especially considering my relationship with the fans" - said Mourinho.

Given that we know who it is, it is certain that the Portuguese expert will solve this problem and return Roma to where it belongs, and that place is the very top of Serie A.

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