Dimitar Berbatov: I think Jadon Sancho is overestimating his importance

"United can easily decide to get rid of Sancho over this"

by Sead Dedovic
Dimitar Berbatov: I think Jadon Sancho is overestimating his importance
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The saga surrounding Jadon Sancho is still ongoing. The English winger has been removed from the team, and it seems that he will leave Manchester United during the winter. His announcement on 'social media' that he was Erik ten Hag's sacrificial lamb caused a large number of reactions.

Former United star Dimitar Berbatov commented on this behavior of Sancho. ‘Sometimes a player, and I hope this isn’t the case for Sancho, who takes this long to resolve conflict has overestimated his own value to the club,’ -Berbatov said, as quoted by METRO!

‘When it’s Ronaldo, for example, it’s different as he’s achieved everything. I was at the club when Wayne Rooney had a fall out with the manager, and they sorted things out. I think Sancho is overestimating his importance.

He’s not won that many trophies with them. It’s a different situation. United can easily decide to get rid of Sancho over this. As talented as he is, and we all saw it at Dortmund, he has yet to show any of this at United.’

Dimitar Berbatov

However, the Bulgarian striker believes that the culprits in this case are both sides; The club and Jadon Sancho.

United had to provide conditions for Jadon in which he would develop and go in the right direction. Dimitar also gave the example of South American players who traveled with their families. considering that it helped them in difficult moments.

'The club has to ask itself questions, too, asking whether they made the player feel comfortable and if they gave him the right environment. It’s a two-way street, especially when you’ve spent so much money on your asset, you need to make the player comfortable and help them feel appreciated enough to show his talents.

The South American players always travel with their friends and family as it puts their minds at ease. They can fit into the new environment easily and show what they’ve got. Other players, like me, chose the difficult way.

I was alone everywhere I went and I needed more time. It’s different for everyone – but the main thing is, it’s not working out for Sancho.’

Jadon Sancho