After the investigation, the trials for FC Barcelona officially began


After the investigation, the trials for FC Barcelona officially began
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According to many, the biggest soccer club in the world, the Catalan giant FC Barcelona, after getting out of financial debt, experienced another big problem and scandal. The news that Barcelona could be relegated to the second league resonated with the world's media, much to the astonishment of its fans.

Of course, it is bad for all soccer lovers, but if what is being accused proves to be true, Barcelona should be an example to other clubs. The "Negreira case" moves to the next stage - the trial. The investigation that the Spanish prosecutor's office conducted for months regarding suspicions that Barcelona bribed the former vice-president of the Primera Judiciary Commission, José María Enriquez Negreira, for 17 years, ended with an indictment for bribery and corruption.

In addition to Negreira and his son, the head of the First Investigative Court in Barcelona, Judge Joaquin Aguirre, brought charges against two former presidents of Barcelona, during whose time this "collaboration" with one of the most influential people in Spanish football was established - namely Sandro Roselj and Jozep Maria Bertomeu.

This is the biggest scandal that has hit FC Barcelona after a long period

The investigation established that Negreira acquired a fortune of 7.5 million euros by making various concessions to Barcelona when delegating judges, lobbying the arbitrators themselves, easing suspensions and other penalties, offering contacts and arranging various secret meetings in favor of one of the largest European clubs, writes the Spanish "El Debate".

Meanwhile, proceedings against Barcelona as a citizens' association have also been initiated. If it is proven that any of the club's representatives demanded or offered money for dishonorable concessions, it will be considered bribery and in that case prison sentences are certain according to the Spanish judiciary.

The fans of Real Madrid, as well as the club itself, could hardly wait for this kind of news. Now they are questioning whether Barcelona's club trophies are regular. Real Madrid are hoping that the titles could be taken away from Barcelona, and since they were second the title would be theirs. We think that even the Real Madrid players themselves would not want to win the trophy in this way.