FC Barcelona announced a profit of 304 million euros last season


FC Barcelona announced a profit of 304 million euros last season
FC Barcelona announced a profit of 304 million euros last season © Rafa Babot / Getty Images

The great soccer giant FC Barcelona has been struggling with its financial situation in recent years. They officially announced it, sold some unnecessary players, and the main stars agreed to reduce their salary. It seems that this Catalan giant will never rise from the ashes.

However, good news arrived very quickly, which cheered up fans all over the world. Football club Barcelona announced today on its official website that it had a profit of 304 million euros in the 2022/23 season. The club announced that it has fully consolidated financially after a number of years in which it did bad business and that it has been profitable since the 2018/19 season, the last season before the corona.

The great satisfaction of fans around the world came after this announcement on their official website. And of course it made all soccer fans happy, no matter which team they support, everyone likes to watch a game like Barcelona plays.

Very good financial policy of one of the biggest soccer teams in the world

Barcelona's great business, but of course the results and the transfer policy are faster than expected, bringing Barcelona back to where it once was.

In addition to financial problems, the state charged them with debt and non-payment of taxes. It was a very difficult period for the club as well as the fans, but everyone came out of it together and it seems to us that it is even stronger.

The consolidation happened because the club had record revenues of 351 million euros (43 percent more than last year). The club said it performed better in all areas. 200 million euros were collected from sponsors, and more than 100 million euros poured into the coffers from the sale of jerseys and club souvenirs, which is an absolute historical record.

Barcelona started this season very well, not really great, but they are still in the game for first place, even though it is only the beginning of the season. The new reinforcements proved to be a complete hit, and of course this was reflected in the results.