If Russia returns to the competition, Ukraine will leave UEFA competitions

Ukraine soccer federation statement about UEFA incident

by Sededin Dedovic
If Russia returns to the competition, Ukraine will leave UEFA competitions
© Selim Sudheimer / Getty Images

The passions did not subside after UEFA announced that it would return Russia to its competitions. Numerous reactions around the world, many wondered why UEFA needed it. It is likely that they expected from UEFA that there would be such a reaction, considering that nothing is done by chance in this world.

After the strong reactions that followed, UEFA tried to defend themselves because they want to return only the minors, that is, the younger selections of Russia. Regardless, Ukraine has sent a strong message and said that it will leave all UEFA competitions if this comes true.

A very interesting case that has not been recorded until now when it comes to the roof house of European football. The Football Federation of Ukraine has announced that it will boycott all competitions organized by UEFA in which Russian teams will participate.

UEFA announced on Tuesday that it will reinstate Russia's under-17 teams in its competitions as "children must not be punished for acts for which adults are solely responsible". UEFA stated that the Russian teams will play without a flag, anthem, official equipment and on a neutral ground.

Ukraine definitely leaves UEFA competitions if Russia returns, they invite other countries to join them

In its statement, Ukraine called on other countries to follow its example and leave UEFA competitions. It will be interesting to follow this event, because after this condition of Ukraine, Uefa has put itself in an awkward situation "AUF confirms that it will not participate in any competition in which Russian teams participate and requests UEFA to change its decision.

We appeal to UEFA to leave in force the previous decision on the exclusion of all Russian selections and teams from international competitions," the announcement states. AUF, which called on all other countries to boycott possible matches against Russian national teams.

In February of last year, UEFA suspended all Russian national teams and clubs from international competitions due to the war in Ukraine. One question remains, why and why did such a decision by UEFA happen right now and all of a sudden? Many claim to know the answer, but it is better to wait and see how Uefa will find a solution to the problem it has gotten itself into.