Messi will play the US Open Cup final, Inter Miami fans are satisfied

Martino statement about Messi injury before US Open final

by Sededin Dedovic
Messi will play the US Open Cup final, Inter Miami fans are satisfied
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Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the best player in the world of all time, made a quality difference with his game in whatever team he played for. Regardless of his small build, Argenitac was rarely injured, even though he drove the opposing players crazy with his dribbling.

Of course, when Messi does not play in the team, a huge difference is felt both in the game and in the morale of his teammates.
Despite the injury, Inter Miami footballer Lionel Messi could be in the starting line-up for tomorrow's US Open Cup final against the Houston Dynamo team.

Messi was injured five days ago in the match against Toronto , and he had to leave this match in the 37th minute. The Argentinian footballer did not play due to an injury two days ago in the match with Orlando.

Every team is comparably better when Messi plays in it, according to many the best player in the world of all time

We have to admit this is somewhat critical because Messi is no longer in his best years and any worsening of the injury could end the Argentine's career.

It remains to be seen at the end what Messi will decide because he is very experienced and knows what the consequences can be for his health. "We will decide before the start of the match, but everything will depend on how Messi feels.

We have to assess the situation carefully, since it is not only about the next match. There is always a risk. If it were not the Cup final, we would not risk it. However, since it is about the final there is a chance for us to take the risk and for Messi to play," said Inter coach.

Inter won the League Cup with Messi a little more than a month ago, as the club from Miami defeated Nashville with a total score of 11:10 after a better penalty shootout. Messi scored 11 goals in 12 matches for Inter. The match between Inter and Houston will be played tomorrow at 2:30 CET in Fort Lauderdale.

With or without Messi, we will surely watch a very high-quality and interesting final of the US Open Cup. The audience is very interested in this event.

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