UEFA decided to return Russia to its competitions, condemnations around the world


UEFA decided to return Russia to its competitions, condemnations around the world
UEFA decided to return Russia to its competitions, condemnations around the world © Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

It has been a long time since the war in Ukraine started and there is no indication of when it will end. Even at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russia received a couple of sanctions packages. One of the sanctions was expulsion from all international competitions.

So Russian athletes could only compete in their own country, at least when it comes to team sports of the national team. However, it seems that the situation is slowly returning to its previous state. UEFA has decided that after 18 months of "expulsion" of Russian clubs and teams due to the war in Ukraine - it is gradually easing.

Thus, at the last Congress of this body, a decision was made that Russian teams under the age of 17 (both male and female) can participate in international competitions, starting this season. As expected, such a decision divided public opinion and caused "unrest", especially in England, which had already decided on the subject.

English athletes, like all English teams, refused to participate in the game with Russia, regardless of UEFA's decision.

According to the British newspaper "The Times", all English teams and national teams will refuse to participate in the tournaments in which the Russian under-17 teams will play.

They do not want to "give up their principles and state policy" despite UEFA's decision to reintegrate young footballers into its system. The roof house of European soccer has faced many condemnations from other countries in addition to England.

What did the UEFA leaders think before they decided on this drastic decision. Previously, UEFA announced that it had a big task ahead of it to return boys and girls to international competitions, even though the draws have already been held for some of the tournaments, but in England they are the only ones (for now) who have no intention of giving up and for now it is not clear how they will the thing unfolds.

If they refuse to play with the Russians, will the English lose at the green table? As a reminder, the Russians will participate in UEFA competitions without displaying the national flag, anthem or equipment of the national team, while the matches themselves will not be played on their territory.

There are many different reactions to this decision by UEFA, but it is important to point out that most of them were condemning. Time will tell whether UEFA will succeed in its intention to bring Russia back, at least to some extent