Ronaldo Nazario married a model 14 years younger than him

Ronaldo Nazario had an turbulent love life

by Sededin Dedovic
Ronaldo Nazario married a model 14 years younger than him
© Buda Mendes / Getty Images

Like most people from showbiz, famous athletes have a very turbulent life. Many marriages, divorces and children. Are they due to constant traveling and meeting new people, or are they simply fed up because money dictates their lives.

However, it is certain that the front pages of the world media are full of scandals involving famous personalities, especially soccer players.
The legend of Brazil, Ronaldo Nazario de Lima (47), once again got married with a model Selina Locks, who is 14 years younger.

They have been in a relationship since 2015, and the luxurious wedding from which the model shared photos was held in Ibiza. The former player of Barcelona, Real, Inter and Milan stepped on the crazy stone for the fourth time and apparently still believes in love, even though he hasn't been very lucky so far...

This, according to many, the best striker of all time had a very turbulent love life with many turning points

Even at the beginning of his playing career, Ronaldo was in a relationship with the attractive Brazilian actress Suzana Wagner, whom he met while she was filming a popular soap opera.

Although they were not married, they lived together for two years and their love attracted a lot of attention - it broke suddenly, and just a few months later Ronaldo married soccer player Milena Dominguez! The marriage lasted four years and it can be said that it was successful, if you consider that the divorce with the TV personality Daniela Cizarelli came only three months after the luxurious wedding in France!

It is certain that such scandals affected the reputation and credibility of the popular Brazilian both in his country and around the world, because Ronaldo Nazario is known all over the world. Miraculously, the Brazilian did not have any major scandals at the beginning of his career and during his career, everything started to happen after his retirement.

A big scandal followed, in which the legendary Brazilian striker found himself, when three transvestites tried to blackmail him with intimate videos, which "broke" his engagement with Maria Beatriz. Nevertheless, the couple managed to renew their romance, get married and live very peacefully for several years, until Maria asked for a divorce.

It was speculated that the reason was fraud, because in the meantime it was established that Ronaldo has an illegitimate child in Tokyo, with a waitress of Brazilian origin whom he met on one of his trips. After that divorce, the Brazilian was quiet for a few years, until in January 2023, it was revealed to the public that he got engaged to Selina Locks while on vacation in the Dominican Republic!

The wedding was a logical continuation of the story, and we hope that this marriage of the famous football player will last longer than the previous ones. Maybe all he needed in his life was to find a woman 14 years younger who understood him!

We wish him all the luck, and I guess this will be the final thing, because a player of his caliber should enjoy a happy retirement and set a good example for young people.