Luka Modric is experiencing real hell, will the legend of Real Madrid leave the club?

Luka Modric had bad game at last weekend derby

by Sededin Dedovic
Luka Modric is experiencing real hell, will the legend of Real Madrid leave the club?
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It is known that when popular athletes reach their later years, they are let down by their clubs. This was the practice for many years, many big names ended up in this way. It's a bit unfortunate, but that's the situation in sports in the age of capitalism.

Whether it is pure interest or a lack of respect, no one will give us the correct answer. Now there are rumors that the legend of Real Madrid, with whom he won several Champions Leagues, Luka Modric could leave Real Madrid.

Croatian national team player Luka Modrić (38) played a very bad first half in the derby against Atletico Madrid and coach Carlo Ancelotti decided to send him to the bench. The 38-year-old midfielder received a lot of criticism for his performance, and the Spaniards claim that club president Florentino Perez is furious and doesn't want to see Modric in the starting line-up anymore.

Luka Modrić turned down huge millions from Saudi Arabia in order to wear the jersey of Real Madrid for one more season. It was clear that he would no longer be the undisputed starter, but that didn't bother him and he decided to stay.

However, after the game against Atletico Madrid in which the 38-year-old midfielder looked desperate, his situation changes drastically. There is a strong possibility that Modrić will get even fewer minutes to play than this season.

It was a really bad game by Luka Modric, we all have to agree on that, but is one bad game enough to let go of a man who played for at least a decade for the club with the highest results. Once the best player in the world, Luka Modric, known for his quiet life, did not comment on these statements.

Surely this attitude towards him hurts him.

The director of Real Madrid is very dissatisfied with the performances of Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, the two most experienced players of his team

Spanish journalist Mario Cartagena reveals that club president Florentino Perez is very angry with Ancelotti that Modric, as well as Toni Kroos, still have an advantage over young and expensively paid players.

"Perez is extremely unhappy that Modrić and Kroos are still playing in midfield, especially in important games. He clearly told Ancelotti that he no longer wants to see them and asked that there be young players on the field who are paid dearly," says this Spanish journalist.

The request of the club's first man to coach Ancelotti could further reduce the playing time of the 38-year-old legend of Croatian football, who started only two games this season from the first minute. In the others, he entered later and did not shine.

Carlo Ancelotti is also aware that Modrić is in a big decline in form. He admitted that he looked very bad against Atletico. The season has just started, we hope that Luka will have another chance to show that he still has the magic in his legs that adorned him in the past years. Even if it doesn't happen like that, it would be good to resolve this case amicably and not to fire such a legend.

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