FC Barcelona could be expelled from La Liga, Tebas says that everything is possible


FC Barcelona could be expelled from La Liga, Tebas says that everything is possible
FC Barcelona could be expelled from La Liga, Tebas says that everything is possible © David Ramos / Getty Images

It is certain that almost the whole world has heard of the FC Barcelona soccer team. One of the best teams in the history of this sport with many European, world and national trophies. Many of the greatest players in history have passed through Barcelona in its very rich tradition.

However, there was an incident with the referees, so this huge club is threatened with expulsion from La Liga. La Liga's first man Javier Tebas is ready to back the decision to kick Barcelona out of La Liga if the club is found guilty in court of the 'Negreira Case' against the Catalan club over the payment of referees' tips.

Javier Tebas has no objection to Barcelona being relegated if a court finds them guilty of paying referees' tips to former head of the Referees Commission Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. Barca proved that there was nothing illegal in the case that would affect the results on the field, but the court will have the last word.

For Tebas, the expulsion of the Catalan giant would not be strange and he would support the decision.

Nothing is over yet, but nothing is ruled out either, Barcelona could be punished

"There is a long way to a decision in this case, but certain behaviors have not been explained.

Everything is still in the investigation phase and the club can be found guilty, as well as the directors. Absolutely everything is possible" Javier Tebas has said several times that the situation is serious. Now we have to wait for the judge's decision, which will cause criticism no matter what.

Many soccer fans believe that Barcelona should not be kicked out, because then Real Madrid will not have a real rival in La Liga, so the league itself could become less interesting. It is interesting that Tebas stated several times that he is a fan of Real Madrid, which caused strong reactions.

Are you brave enough to say that Barcelona would be relegated? "If the referee decided that, then yes. It's up to the referee, as he did with Elche a few years ago. What I could do in everything was to condemn certain things and I did.

Sanctions are not my responsibility." He then went on about the financial situation of the Catalan club. "Barcelona is 'hurting' La Liga because of its financial situation. We can't have a club that owes 700 million to the state and 100 million to the players, as was the case before.

I don't want that. Barca have done great things with wage cuts, but there is still a lot to be done." Tebas has never hidden that he is a Real Madrid fan. However, he claims that there is no fanaticism. "Yes, I'm a fan of Real Madrid, but I haven't been so fanatical in a long time," he said Time will tell how this case will end, but certainly we all hope that FC Barcelona is not to blame.

No matter how many things one has against this team, it must be admitted that it is one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world.