After last night's derby, Griezmann angered Real Madrid fans


After last night's derby, Griezmann angered Real Madrid fans
After last night's derby, Griezmann angered Real Madrid fans © Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images

What attracts the most attention in soccer are derby matches, where the lower league can play against the champions and yet the stands are full. This is the derby effect in European soccer, and that is why there is great interest in such matches.

One of the derbies that attract the attention of the whole of Europe is the Madrid derby between Atlético and Real. Last night at the Wanda Metropolitan, Atletico Madrid managed to beat Real Madrid in the city derby with 3:1 in a match where we saw a lot of tension and sparks on the field.

Just as it happens in such clashes, the provocations continued after the game, and Antoine Griezmann was in the center of attention. Atletico had incredible support from the stands last night in the derby against their biggest rival, and in the end the game could not have gone better for the home team.

On the wings of the great Alvaro Morata, who scored two goals, Atletico managed to beat Kraljevo with 3:1. In addition to Morata, Griezmann also entered the list of scorers, and Toni Kroos scored the only goal for the visitors.

One of the better and more attractive Madrid derbies

Just like every Madrid derby, this one was full of tension and sparks on the field, and as expected, the winning team started provocations immediately after the referee blew the whistle.

Atletico posted on Instagram with the message that they are the boss in the capital of Spain, but Griezmann also had an interesting provocation after the match.

After his stage in Barcelona, Griezmann is returning to his good old rhythm

After the derby, the French striker gave a statement to a Spanish television station, and when he finished and headed for the dressing room, he returned to the microphone and caused the enthusiasm of the Atletico Madrid fans with his sentence.

"Kids, go to school tomorrow in an Atletico Madrid shirt," Griezmann said with a smile, then went to the locker room. Griezmann managed to get back in shape after two difficult seasons in Barcelona, and what is most important for him, the Atletico fans accepted him again, although it was not so easy for him when he first returned from the Catalan club. Surely this will anger both the fans and the players of Real Madrid, but whoever loses has the right to be angry.

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