Marcus Rashford on his team's main problem


Marcus Rashford on his team's main problem
Marcus Rashford on his team's main problem © Lewis Storey / Getty Images Sport

Despite the victory vs Burnley with a score of 0-1, Manchester United fans cannot be satisfied with their team's performance. Many people wonder what the team's main problem is, but there seems to be no answer to that question.

Obviously, United needs more quality, but also for individuals to get in the right shape. Marcus Rashford is one of the players who has not been delivering what is expected of him lately. It was the Englishman who spoke about his team's games and key problems; ‘The first thing is, I don’t care what role you have in the squad or management, when Man United are losing games it’s a difficult place to be.

From periods where we’ve been in this situation before there is only one way out. Each individual has to look themselves in the mirror and know they’ll give everything for the badge. You know you’ve got the ability or you wouldn’t be here.

We need to tighten up a few things in the defensive organisation from front to back and play the game. Each game requires slightly different things and at times we’re expecting a game to go one way and if it’s not, we’re struggling to adjust.'

- he said, as quoted by METRO!

Marcus Rashford

Rashford believes that the only way for the club to get out of the crisis is great results. If United manages to tie a few good games, self-confidence will automatically increase, which could also bring success to this team.

Rashford must try to be the 'true version of himself' if he really wants to help his team. ‘That’s why I feel like if teams score one they end up scoring a second straight after, [because] we’re taking too long to adjust.

But one good result and good performance can turn it around and I’m doing everything I can to make sure everyone’s not too down. I know it’s difficult and I’m not as happy as I want to be but there’s only one way to get there and that’s results.’

Marcus Rashford