Youssoufa Moukoko could make his debut for Dortmund tomorrow

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Youssoufa Moukoko could make his debut for Dortmund tomorrow

At the age of 12, he played for the U17 team of Borussia Dortmund, when he turned 14, it turned out to be too dominant, and a jump to the team until the age of 19 followed. He has been a member of Millionaire since 2016, and 127 goals in 84 games in the junior selections served as a training ticket with Reus, Halland, Sancho ...

in other words, with the "Big Boys" Today, the super-talented Youssoufa Moukoko turns 16, and that information would not be pompously covered by the media throughout Germany, ie the renowned Spanish Marca, which means that at this moment probably the most dominant 16-year-old in the world will finally get a chance to make his Bundesliga debut.

He has outgrown the younger categories and numbers and the dominance on the field clearly confirms that. He has scored 10 goals in four games for the U19 team this season. Three hat-tricks, then four goals to Essen. He shoots from all weapons, and already tomorrow against Hertha in Berlin, Lucien Favre could give him the first minutes in the German elite.

"He is very good, he has incredible potential. You just don't know if his left or right leg is stronger. He is deadly in front of the opponent's goal ", that is how the Borussia coach sees the teenager born in Cameroon.

German U20 team

He also received an invitation for the German national team under the age of 20, and Panzer selector Joachim Low was introduced to the character and part of Dortmund's teenage sensation. "It is unbelievable that a boy his age can score so many goals in the competition of guys who are a couple of years older," praises him and the man who is at the helm of one of the world's most trophy-winning teams for 14 years.

Debuting for the weekend against Hertha or not, he will inevitably jeopardize many records. For a start, the one owned by Nuri Sahin, the youngest debutant in the history of the club from Westphalia (16 years, 11 months).

It is quite realistic that the achievement of Florian Wirz, the youngest scorer since the Bundesliga, will also fall into the shadows. (17 years, one month). "Our goal is not to break records, but not allowing super-talented guys to play at the highest level is a handicap compared to other leagues," Dortmund's junior coordinator Lars Ricken told Kicker.

There are few media outlets in the countries that can boast of the best football leagues, which today do not deal with the topic of the birthday and potential Saturday debut of Moukoko. The British Dream, as usual, drew a few juicy figures.

For a start, that the teenager earns 350,000 a year, that is, that he has already hit the autograph on a long-term contract with the Nike company worth 10,000,000 euros. Samuel Eto'o has already baptized his compatriot as the successor of Lionel Messi, but Nuri Sahin warns that hard days are inevitable.

Because the Turk has already passed that school. "I came to terms with the fact that my record will be broken at some point. Youssoufa has to make a breakthrough because the U19 championship matches are simply too easy for him." Sahin said.