Messi explained how he received a lot of disrespect from PSG before moving to MLS

Messi statement about his former team PSG

by Sededin Dedovic
Messi explained how he received a lot of disrespect from PSG before moving to MLS
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We all know how big a name Lionel Messi is in the world of soccer. There is almost no person in the world who has not heard of this phenomenal Argentine. Everyone has great respect for Messi, but that's not exactly the case in any case.

His former club PSG was at the center of the affair with Messi and soccer fans were on Messi's side. At the end of last year, Lionel Messi fulfilled his biggest football wish, he became the world champion with the Argentine national team.

The parting of Lionel Messi and PSG was not very nice, the French club to which he failed to bring what they want most for years and for which they hired him, the title of Champions League winner. And that parting began to happen not long after Messi had achieved his own greatest wish, entering Argentine immortality as captain of the world champions.

Everything started to explode after the Qatar final

After the final, Messi did not play a couple of games for PSG, and in those days there were various stories and rumors about his relationship with the PSG management and his teammates.

At the time, it seemed that these were just lies, but now the famous Argentinian opened all the cards and told what kind of problem he had with PSG. In the spring, Messi didn't play too much, he traveled to Saudi Arabia for a kind of negotiation, and there was also talk of bad relations with the other two biggest stars of the Paris team, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

It seems that all this is not actually true, but that Messi had the most problems with the management of the club. Now he discovered one of their moves, i.e. the lack of reaction, which hit him hard. He revealed that he is the only representative of Argentina who was not publicly congratulated by his club after winning the world championship title.

It's obvious that PSG wanted to see Mbappe on the throne, but Messi won their grand final clash. This probably affected them so much that they forgot to congratulate him or simply didn't want to, that is, they sent him a message.

Messi ended up going to the USA, where he is playing great at Inter Miami and seems to be enjoying himself. His very arrival caused a veritable mania in the US, which ultimately reveals how happy everyone involved can be.