It looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic is coming back from retirement


It looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic is coming back from retirement
It looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic is coming back from retirement © Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images

He played European football for a long time, then he got a taste of MLS, where he also had good results. Like him or not, we all have to agree that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is simply a brand unto himself. He retired due to numerous injuries, however, from the moment of his retirement, speculation began as to where he would direct his excessive energy.

Namely, Tuttosport reports that there is a real possibility that Ibrahimović will take over the role of manager in Milan and help the coaching staff. He also recently followed Milan's training session, which "fueled" speculation that he will soon return to the club.

He would be of great help to coach Tefano Pioli, and the Italian media reports that they are just waiting for the answer from the popular Ibra. Ibrahimović returned to Milan to help this club win the league title after 11 years and he helped to do so.

However, he had major injury problems and could no longer be active on the field. Milan fans must have remembered that Ibrahimovic played a big role in their last Serie A victory, but Ibrahimovic has earned the respect of AC Milan fans before.

Some hate him, some love him, but it's easy to understand that he is one of the best players of all time.

He said goodbye due to injuries, but it was clear that he would stay in football.

Milan fans welcomed the news about the possible return of Ibrahimović with a smile, aware of how much he can mean for all football players and just the atmosphere.

The Swede was known as a real warrior on the field and always gives his maximum, so everyone believes that he would pass that on to the players. It is certain that Zlatan will be remembered as one of the best players in history regardless of the fact that he never won the Champions League or was shortlisted for the Ballon d'Or.

It all started back in 1999 in Malmö, and during a career that lasted more than two decades, he played for the biggest European clubs such as Juventus, Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United, Inter.

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