Arteta denies seeing the conflict between Luiz and Ceballos

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Arteta denies seeing the conflict between Luiz and Ceballos

As much as he knows how to look elegant and refined on the field, Dani Ceballos carries a serious dose of grumpiness and rudeness. Last Friday, claims the well-informed Athletic, David Luiz, as one of the oldest and most experienced players of the team, decided to have fun with the (un) discipline of the Spaniard, which implies rough treatment towards younger players.

It ended with the Brazilian hitting Ceballos in the nose, bleeding him and sending him to the ground.

Although the Spaniard denied it, coach Mikel Arteta admitted that the conflict was, to what extent, not entirely clear. But we have already had the opportunity to see the outburst of the loaned Real Madrid football player in the warm-up before the game of the first round of the Premier League against Fulham.

First, his start on Nketiah, and then je wanted to deal with the young striker.

Now he is prevented by David Luiz, in other words, the 24-year-old has finally come across hard. Arteta unexpectedly tries to lower the ball, but does not hide that there was a quarrel. "There was nothing unusual about training.

Such things happen often and are resolved instantly within the team. There is not much to talk about here ", Arteta explained before the visit of Arsenal to Leeds, which is on the program on Sunday. "There are no problems," the Spanish expert added.

Arteta didn't see anything

It was Arteta who allegedly separated his football players, but still did not want to open the cards regarding the incident. "I didn't see what exactly happened, I had a very bad angle."

By the way, when the basketball between Nketiah and Ceballos took place in September, Arteta, as in the most recent case, claimed that he did not see a controversial moment between the U21 national team of Spain and England.

However, the detail from Craven Cottage, according to media reports, was milder than the one recorded last Friday, when Luiz allegedly hit the Spaniard. The midfielder, according to the England media, ended up on the ground with a scratch on his nose.

When he got up to clash with the Brazilian, the players and coaches ran, so that the conflict would not escalate, and Mikel Arteta stopped training. Mikel Arteta on the Arsenal bench did not succeed Arsene Wenger, but the spirit of the French expert somehow remained in north London.

Wenger used to hide such a things. Even in moments when things were undoubtedly obvious. Wenger also had an explanation for the absence of comments. "Sometimes, even when I see what exactly happened, I say that I missed out on how to protect footballers and because I just can't find a rational explanation for what my player is, for example."

Let's go back to Ceballos. The Spaniard denied Athletic's allegations on his Twitter account, describing them as "fake news", but he probably felt somewhat humiliated as well. Because the main bully in the company finally got his. And the captain showed him that Arsenal is not his house yet