Andre Onana apologized after the match: Bruno Fernandes reacted

Andre Onana was criticized after the match with the Bavarians

by Sead Dedovic
Andre Onana apologized after the match: Bruno Fernandes reacted
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Andre Onana was one of the tragics in the match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. The Cameroon goalkeeper is the biggest culprit for the first goal, and besides, it seemed that he could have reacted better in certain situations.

However, Onana has huge support from the team and coach. This great goalkeeper decided to apologize to everyone after the match. When you're a goalkeeper and you make a mistake, everyone sees it. Such a position requires a strong mindset.

'This is the life of a goalkeeper. It’s difficult. We started very good. After my mistake we lost control of the game. It’s a difficult situation for us, for me especially because I’m the one who let the team down.'

- Onana said, as quoted by METRO! Manchester United established the initiative at the beginning of the match. They looked better, more compact and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before they scored a goal. However, Onana's mistake gave the Bavarians a 'wind at their backs', who looked better on the pitch after that, although it was far from convincing.

‘We were very good on the ball, they didn’t create any chances, their first shot on target I made a mistake. It was the key point and the team went down because of that mistake. If we didn’t win today it was because of me.’

Bruno Fernandes reacted

Bruno Fernandes, the captain of the team, believes that Onana should not blame himself for mistakes.

It's okay to make mistakes. The Portuguese stressed that the entire team is to blame for this result. ‘Andre’s a great goalkeeper. He will keep giving us a lot of points, a lot of saves. He doesn’t have to take blame for anything, we have to take the blame as a team, we’re going to go through this moment together because we’re strong as a team.’ Manchester United must now focus on the next match.

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