English FA Cup: the final is Arsenal vs Chelsea

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English FA Cup: the final is Arsenal vs Chelsea

On August 1st the FA Cup final will be an entirely London affair: in fact after Arsenal, Chelsea deservedly defeated Manchester United for 3-1. After suffering three defeats against Red Devils in the first three seasonal fights, this time in an almost spooky Wembley, Frank Lampard, manager of Chelsea, harnesses the opponents' restarts and crashes them clearly, also thanks to an error and a half of De Gea.

Solskjaer and Lampard play to those who surprise the most, both deploying the three-way defense and leaving some ninety pieces on the bench: Pogba, Martial and Greenwood among the Red Devils, Pulisic among the blue of the capital.

Initial skirmishes until 10 'when De Gea puts his fists on the right hand stretched by the distance of Reece James. There is definitely more Chelsea in the first quarter of an hour and when Alonso heads the Madrid goalkeeper towards the center of Azpilicueta, United breathes.

The Red Devils try only on punishment, but Fernandes's shot is raised in the corner by Caballero. Lampard's men are better lined up on the pitch, but they struggle in the conclusions and at 33 'Mount does not even tickle De Gea.

Not even at 39 'does Zouma's pumpkin find the mirror; however, the Frenchman's head rocks that of Bailly, but the two can continue.

A great semifinal

A few minutes later the Ivorian is back on the ground, after having clashed with Comrade Maguire, he has to leave the dispute and is treated for several minutes on the sidelines.

Martial takes over and United is repositioned in the more familiar 4-2-3-1. At 52 'the newly entered is hit by Zouma at the edge of the area, Dean makes a questionable sign to continue and the Var does not intervene because the contact was not within sixteen meters.

It takes eleven minutes of recovery for the Blues to pass: the defense of Manchester United falls asleep letting Azpilicueta go to the bottom to cross. Giroud anticipates Lindelof, overcoming De Gea who should probably have done better.

The goalkeeper of the Red Devils completes the omelette at the first of the second half. Mount swoops on a reckless Williams pass and surprises the extreme twenty-meter defender with an irresistible conclusion. United is not there: Fernandes invents a gold throw for Rashford, but the attacker's cross-shot goes off to the bottom.

Solskjaer tries the comeback by throwing Pogba and Greenwood into the fray. The spaces open up: Maguire crowns Caballero first in the mouth and then slightly to the side on an uncertainty coming out of the Argentine; on the other front Mount shoots high and De Gea saves on Giroud's detour.

In the 74th minute, immediately after an occasion by Zouma foiled by De Gea, Chelsea makes three of a kind and definitively closes the contest: it is Maguire who touches Alonso's center behind his number one. The penalty scored by Fernandes, following the Hudson-Odoi foul on Martial, only serves to sweeten the pill for Solskjaer's team. At the final whistle of Mike Dean, only the men in blue rejoice.