Carragher claims that Arsenal will never win the Premier League with Ramsdale

Jamie Carragher statement about Arsenal goalkeeper

by Sededin Dedovic
Carragher claims that Arsenal will never win the Premier League with Ramsdale
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Jamie Carragher has made interesting statements about Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale. Carragher bluntly said that Ramsdale is not at the highest level of goalkeeper to win the English Premier League and play in the Champions League.

Mikel Arteta made a similar statement, but it is unclear if Arteta's statement was the reason for Jamie's statement. We remind you that Mikel Arteta expressed his desire for David Ray, a promising young goalkeeper. Jamie Carragher agrees that Arteta's decision praises his soccer eye.

Maybe it's not right to talk about Aaron Ramsdale, who was once perhaps the best young goalkeeper, who fell into a temporary crisis, but we can also agree that he doesn't provide the games that all Arsenal fans and the entire soccer public are used to.

"The one thing you want from your goalkeeper is stability. So goalkeepers are playing a position which is very reactive, there’s no proactive action happening, everything you have to do is something you have to do when somebody else is doing something, you have to react to that, you can’t be proactive and go out and create a save for yourself." ‘What you want your goalkeeper to be is stable.

Do the job he’s there to do, stop the ball from going in the net. If you’re in a competition situation at some point you’re going to think, ‘I have to prove I’m a better goalkeeper than the other one, I’m going to try this or that’, and if you’re going to try things as a goalkeeper very often it goes wrong.

‘I don’t get this, I think it’s crazy and I think Arteta might just be creating a problem he didn’t need going forward.’ Carragher, however, hit back at Schmeichel’s criticism and believes Arteta has simply upgraded his Arsenal side by signing Raya.

‘I understand having two goalkeepers of a similar ability, I understand mentally it might be a problem for the goalkeeper,’ Carragher said. ‘But surely if Mikel Arteta thinks he can get a better goalkeeper in the building, he has to make that signing to make Arsenal a better team.’ Asked by Schmeichel if he thinks Raya is a better goalkeeper than Ramsdale, Carragher replied: ‘100 per cent.

‘Arsenal will never win the league with Ramsdale in goal, no chance. ‘Ramsdale is playing for Arsenal and he can’t even get in the England team." as quoted by

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