Mourinho has been on the football scene for 15 years

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Mourinho has been on the football scene for 15 years

It was a cult press conference. Crowned with the glory of the European champions, Jose Mourinho arrived in London and, otherwise arrogant Englishmen, cut into his mustache that he is totally different from everyone else. He introduced himself as Special.

He was right. He proved himself. His style, football and life, really differed from everything seen so far. It's just that both people and football are changing, so the Portuguese is no longer the same man or coach as he was in 2004.

He says that he is different now and he changed his nickname to - Experienced. "I would call myself The Experienced One because I have more experience." Understandably, if we keep in mind that in the meantime he passed stations like Inter, Real, second term at Chelsea, Manchester United, all the way to Tottenham, so his new nickname, the British would say, stands like a glove in his hand.

"Everything that happens in training or in football in general is deja vu for me. Already seen. To train someone, you only need to use your brain, and in that mission, the accumulated knowledge and experience help you to improve.


Mourinho feels young

Everything is a state of mind, not a year. That is why Mourinho feels young, even though he will turn 58 on January 26. "Some jobs, let's say like being a football player, require special physical preparation.

For example, when you are 40, there is no potential for a 20-year-old. Only if you are not Zlatan Ibrahimovic. " He trained the Swede at Manchester United, he admires his other youth in Milan, although the points he currently has at his disposal are exceptional.

"Everything is a consequence of the relationship between Kane and Son. First of all, they are good friends, there is no jealousy between them, they are only interested in victories and good games of the team. Son is very fast and likes to attack space, while Kane is great with the ball in his feet and he is adorned with huge qualities.

" Tottenham coach is expecting the bang of the biggest summer reinforcement, Gareth Bale. "It's time he didn't feel the pressure. There is no need to compare the current Bale with the one he was before leaving for Real Madrid. Now he needs stability, inner peace, to work hard and progress step by step ", added Jose Experienced Mourinho.