Cesc Fabregas revealed that he does not communicate with Pep Guardiola

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Cesc Fabregas revealed that he does not communicate with Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola did his best in the summer of 2011 to convince Cesc Fabregas to return to Barcelona from Arsenal. He succeeded, the Spanish midfielder arrived, he won four trophies in that first season, everything looked perfect.

And then, suddenly, Guardiola decided to leave Barça and later move to Bayern. Fabregas did not stay long either, but in the summer of 2014 he moved to Chelsea. But anyway, their paths have crossed many times since then, Cesc and Pep never exchanged a word again.

"No, I never talked to Guardiola again. I don’t know if the disappointment is mutual. Some things happened, but I wouldn’t talk about them. "Pep was my idol when I was a boy, I learned the most about football from him," said Fabregas.

Jose Mourinho

When he left Barça, the Spaniard came into the hands of another master, of a different caliber, Jose Mourinho. And he immediately won the English title in the Chelsea jersey. "Mourinho inspired me the most when I left Barca.

He told me that we had misunderstandings on the field when he was at Chelsea and I at Arsenal, and then again when he led Real and I played for Barcelona. But that, as far as he is concerned, is left behind and he would like us to turn a new leaf.

Although he was a favorite of Arsenal fans, so he wore the jersey of city rival Chelsea, Fabregas did not see it as a betrayal. "Mourinho told me about the project he prepared and I decided to go there. It was just up to me to decide, I chose what was best for me and I didn’t care much what people would say.

It was a professional decision. Even today, I correspond with Jose, I consider him a friend. "He helped me a lot in the difficult moments of my career, and I may have played the best season with him," Fabregas underlined.

The Spanish ace has been wearing the Monaco jersey since last year. For now, he is not playing as expected of him, but his age should be taken into account, and that Fabregas, like all other people, is losing speed and everything else with age.

However, his Monaco is playing better and better and they could once again match the biggest French clubs in the fight for the Champions League, and who knows, maybe in the fight for the title.