Some people at the club were not happy about Messi’s decision to stay at the club

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Some people at the club were not happy about Messi’s decision to stay at the club

Barcelona fought so hard not to let Lionel Messi leave this summer, that there was a general impression at the end of the ballad that they breathed a sigh of relief and satisfaction at the Nou Camp when the Argentine decided to stay for another year.

But not everyone was happy. Moreover, it seems that there were quite a number of those in the club to whom the world collapsed when Messi said: "Okay, I'm staying." In the December issue, the prestigious sports monthly FourFourTwo brings the story of a Barcelona official, whose name remained secret, who revealed that a good part of the club was disappointed with Messi's stay.

"442" magazine is an established name in the world of football, so there is no need to doubt the credibility of the source. And the man decided to save the name in order to save the job. It’s not very good in Barcelona to hook up with the Messi.

Even if you are the president of the club, let alone in a lower position. "We were upset when Messi decided to stay. "Everyone was," said a Barcelona magazine source.


He also explained why. "His stay meant that there would be cuts and cuts in the salaries of employees, just so they could pay his salary.

I love Lionel, he did a lot for our club, for football in general. But I love my family and work more than that. " That is why the hope of Barça employees, we are now discovering, is that Messi will leave the club in June next year.

Then his contract with the Catalan giant expires and he has no intention of extending it. Everything says that Messi will join Pep Guardiola in Manchester City in the summer. True, the Spanish coach has not yet signed a new contract with the Citizens, maybe he is just waiting for the outcome of negotiations with the Argentine.

That it is practically certain that Lionel will leave Spain in the summer can be seen from the statements of Javier Tebas, the president of Primera. "We would like Messi to stay in La Liga, but Ronaldo and Neymar also left, so we didn't see any difference.

We are also ready for the situation for him to leave. It seems to me that only Manchester City in the Premier League is making a plan for Messi's engagement, and that is a club that operates outside all the rules and I am not the only one who thinks so, "said Javier Tebas.

Everything goes, therefore, to the fact that the Spanish audience will watch Messi in another jersey from the summer, probably the sky-blue English Citizens