Joachim Low will not be the coach of Germany?

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Joachim Low will not be the coach of Germany?

Since he took over the helm of the German national team in 2006, coach Joachim Low has never been under such pressure and a burst of criticism as he is now. Most of the public in Germany wants to see his back ... Panzer's results have not been at the level of expectations for several years.

Since the world title in Brazil in 2014, Elf has been falling more and more. At the European Championships in France, they were eliminated in the semifinals, at the World Cup in Russia, they finished the competition in a group, in the first edition of the League of Nations they were last in the group, and in the second they rose again after Spain broke them with 6: 0.

"This is terrible! This is a slap in the face. What annoys me the most is that we didn’t fight on the field. We didn’t look like a team. "There was no one to shout, we only heard the voices of Spanish players," said the legendary Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Three victories in the last 13 matches

It may sound unbelievable, but this information is striking and true: Germany has achieved only three victories in the last 13 matches in the group stages of official competitions!

Two against Ukraine and one against Sweden ... There are defeats from Mexico, South Korea, the Netherlands, France, Spain, two draws with Switzerland, one draw each with the French, Dutch and Spaniards. The Germans have only one strong victory in matches in the last two and a half years.

Against the Netherlands (3: 2) in the qualifications for the European Championship last year, with the Dutch inflicting a more convincing defeat in the return match (2: 4). Leo's positions have never been worse in these 14 years.

Fans, media, former players doubt him ... The only support comes from the German Football Federation. "We broke up like Brazil against us in 2014. I hope this is an isolated case. But we still believe in Joachim Low and his job is safe.

This match will not change anything ", said the director of the German national team, Oliver Birchoff, last night. However, he is one of the few who stood in the defense of the German coach. The media in Germany remind that Low's selector mandate is limited to the European Championship next summer, when he will leave the helm of the Elf.

Then his contract expires. However, many want to see his back right away. Numerous media write that it would be a moral act for Low to resign after the disgrace last night and not a single shot hit the opponent's goal.