Lionel Messi won't play Inter Miami's next game, fans in despair

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Lionel Messi won't play Inter Miami's next game, fans in despair
Lionel Messi won't play Inter Miami's next game, fans in despair © Daniel Jayo / Getty Images

Lionel Messi is considered by many to be the best player in the world of all time, with many fans around the world. With his arrival in MLS, he raised the level of football in the USA to a higher level. The MLS league is followed much more in Europe but also in the USA itself.

Argentine football player Lionel Messi will not travel with the Inter Miami team to the next MLS match. Lionel Messi will not be traveling with his team Inter Miami for the next MLS match and fans have become worried for their pet.

Recently, the Argentinean missed the match of the national team against Bolivia, which ended with a score of 3:0, and now he is not even in the protocol of the club from Florida. Lionel Messi almost didn't even play a match for Argentina when his country beat Bolivia 3-0.

Now it is uncertain whether, according to many, the best player in the world will play his next match for the Inter Miami team.

It is certain that most of the fans regret not playing Lionel Messi in the next match for his team Inter Miami

However, it is more and more certain that it is solely the decision of Gerardo coach Tata Martin to rest his best player for all the next trials that await them, because they have difficult games ahead of them in a short time interval.

After visiting Atlanta, Inter will play five games in a row in the next 15 days, four of which are in the MLS and one in the cup. Lionel Messi is the most decorated footballer of all time. And he officially overtook former teammate Dani Alves and now has 44 trophies.

He thus set another record and once again showed why many call him the best player ever. He won the League Cup with Inter Miami, scoring 11 goals and 5 assists. With or without Messi, Inter Miami has a strong enough team to beat any MLS opponent.But regardless, the fans are aware that without their captain Messi it will certainly be more difficult because he is the brain of the whole team and can decide the game with one move.

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